Thuraya IP M2M provides reliable, cost-effective connectivity for remote assets and operations that require the collection of higher volumes of data from remote and industrial sites.


  • Real-time, two-way communications utilizing the Thuraya standard IP service with speeds of up to 444 Kbps and network latency of 800ms
  • Thuraya IP M2M enables: 1. Remote terminal debug and configuration; 2. Viewing activity logs and online status of the terminal; 3. Viewing traffic statistics, reports, charts and graphs; 4. Integrated Thuraya billing and provisioning; 5. Control and verification of traffic by packet type, protocol (UDP/TCP) and application
  • With options for either subscription-based or pooled allowance and no minimum connection fees, IP M2M makes it possible to create project-based allowance structures to control costs and avoid bill shock.

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